God’s Favorite Redux

Redux 2011

Original poster circa 1982


New layout and colorization of a 30-year old design (bottom poster); the goal was to stay close to the light-hearted design while bringing it up to it’s full potential. I decided to leave the art exactly the same but tilt and tightened the design — zooming into the scene made a bigger impact, literally and figuratively!

Why? Sometimes it’s fun to revisit old designs and see what new surprises they hold!

Included on this page: (1) Redesign; (2) Original poster from 1982

The original idea / style / God figure for this design was from a very famous poster by Hirschfeld for “My Fair Lady” ( click link below ).

Not to take anything away from the brilliant Hirschfeld, but I never understood how God related to the story between Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle. However, when my high school drama department decided to do “God’s Favorite”, the manipulation shown in the Hirschfeld poster made so much more sense for the Neil Simon show. Click on the link if you’re wondering how much was stolen, borrowed, lifted, etc. I’ll call it an “homage” and turn out the light.


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