Poster 2012

Detail of design

Shirt (Red & Black on Golden Rod)


This design has many elements from the story which are interwoven with a typical Letter-in-Square that often are used at the beginnings of very old tales, many times an “O" (as in "Once upon a time…" This poster has, instead, an "A”, the first word of the musical’s title. Being that Dicken’s original book was published on December 19, 1843, I thought it was the perfect way to introduce this dark “fairytale”.

In this Square we see the iconography of some of the story… a stack of coins, suggesting Scrooge’s greed; a Clock, striking on the hour which brings more horror to him; links of chain and a heavy strongbox, which Marley tells Scrooge that his weight to bare will be far greater than Marley’s in the afterlife; a Candle lamp to suggest the old-fashioned era and to give mood; Death’s skull, which is an omen to Scrooge of his imminent demise and finally Scrooge himself in the middle, terrified!