This design relies heavily on the title being as good as possible as it is 85% of the design. Along with the finished poster, I’ve included the evolution of the title work that was done bit by bit as I tried to fit the words together with the proper font (YanaR Regular) and with the right warp effect. The beginning attempt (top) just wasn’t right: the word WIZARD was simply too large. I want OZ to really stand out and so I continued adjusting.

I found an Alternate for the “Z" which was kind of wild. I liked it a lot because I felt that if there was an application that could use such an interesting "Z”, this musical was it!

Evenutally, I was satisfied. Then, with a very simple 3D program, I got the extrusion that I wanted. In the final poster, all of the shadows, highlights and buttressing are all done by hand (gradient tools and the like) – (I don’t have a proper 3D program yet) – it was fun nonetheless!

– Also included… close-up of LCP logo.

Lastly… I did a poster for “Oz” back in 1978 (age 13) for my speech and drama class. I was Scarecrow. Felt great getting another stab at it for another actual production here in 2013.